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My pricing includes a base fee plus a travel fee. The travel fee depends on how far I must travel to meet you. The closer you are, the lower the travel fee. 

Base Fee

The base fee is $15 per notarized signature. This means that if I notarize the signatures of two people on one document, that is $15 times 2 signatures, so the base fee would be $30.

Travel Fees

  • Within Bakersfield City Limits: $30

  • Valley Communities Outside of Bakersfield City Limits (i.e., Delano, Taft, Lamont, etc.): $50

  • Mountain Communities (i.e., Tehachapi, Frazier Park, Lake Isabella, etc.): $60

  • Desert Communities (i.e., Mohave, Ridgecrest, California City, etc.): $75

  • Outside of Kern County: $100

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